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There are two types of popular sealers, xylene acrylic and water based sealers. Xylene sealers typically last longer and have more sheen but applied when pavers are 100% dry to prevent whitening and peeling. Water Based Sealers are environmentally friendly and can be applied when pavers are wet.
Solvent based stone sealers can be applied indoors and outdoors to protect the stone surface. Solvent based Enhancers enhance the stones color and protect the stone surface indoors and outdoors.
This is a natural process called Efflorescence. Efflorescence is a salt deposit in all concrete. It surfaces on the top concrete leaving a white haze or powder look. This can be cleaned using a general efflorescence remover (Premium Paver Rust and Efflorescence Remover).
Usually this means you have used a solvent based sealer that was applied when pavers were damp. Or this could be a result of too much of any sealer being applied. Typically you have to strip the sealer off pavers to remove the white cloudy look.
This process is generally difficult and should be done by a professional. However, this is done by using an industrial sealer and paint remover, methylene chloride (Dad’s Easy Spray) or a Citrus or Soy Gel product.
Rust can be removed with a diluted sulfuric acid (Premium Paver Rust and Efflorescence Remover).
The best way to remove oil or dirt is to use mild detergent and hot water over 185 degrees. Or you can use general all-purpose degreaser (Premium Paver Degreaser) in a pressure washer or with a scrub brush.
The best way to remove mold is pressure washing with a mild or diluted bleach solution (Proclean)
First, clean pavers, preferably using a pressure washer, with a general paver cleaner. Once cleaned and completely dry, re-sand by sweeping or washing in sand into paver joints. When pavers are clean, joints are sanded, surface is free of all debris (excess sand) the pavers are ready to be sealed. Generally, cleaning and sealing will bring back the color of your pavers and give it a fresh look.
Polymeric Sand is a polymer based sand that crystallizes and hardens when water is applied. It is very important to get excess polymeric sand off paver surface prior to wetting.

Paver Sand is just a medium grade sand that does not harden unless using Water-Based Acrylic Urethane with a bonding agent to harden sand (Seal-n-Lock Sealer or Ure-Seal).

ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) & ICPI Standards (interlocking concrete Pavement Institution)

Preferably a pressure washer w/ a surface cleaner attachment & a general paver cleaner / degreaser (pro clean or premium paver degreaser)

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The best product to remove tire marks is Goof Off. To prevent tire marking pavers should be sealed.
Thin Pavers are manufactured to use as pool deck, patio, and walk-way remodels. They must be laid over existing concrete. Thin Pavers are not made to with stand vehicular traffic.

Thick Pavers are manufactured for new construction, roadways, driveways, new pool decks, new patios and walkways.
Home improvement stores generally do not meet ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) & ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution) standards for compressive strength and absorption, which could cause problems with permitting, sign offs and breakage. Also, box stores only carry a few shapes and colors to choose from.

Paver Supply Warehouse only uses manufactures of high quality pavers that meet ASTM standards. ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) & ICPI Standards (interlocking concrete Pavement Institution), and offer all a manufacturers colors, shapes, sizes and special orders.
Sealers can be applied two ways. For Solvent Based sealers, you can roll with a solvent resistant roller cover or sprayed using pump sprayer. Water-based sealers are best applied by spraying.
Paver Supply Warehouse products are manufactured for professionals. Our products have been tested by industry leaders and have been proven better than other leading name brands. Our products are made to be best on the market verses the name brands that are made to be mild general products and cleaners for DIY users. Our products are used by professionals and home owners because they outlast the other products on the market.