Premium Paver Sealer is a solvent, based sealer with a lustrous sheen. It has a very high glass transition point providing excellent resistance to tire marking, lifting, scratching and marring in hot climates.
It provides a deep rich look to intensify any concrete finish and offers a high resistance to acid, oil, grease, and mildew as well as stains from organic matter.


The following materials are suitable for the designed use of Premium Paver Sealer; imprinted or stamped concrete, brick, stone, interlocking pavers, exposed aggregate, stucco, keystone, and industrial concrete.

Premium Paver Sealer can also be applied to these surfaces; pool decks, patios, entrances, sidewalks, driveways, tennis and shuffle board courts.


Never use Premium Paver Sealer over any other paint sealer or wax without testing first. When two coats are applied, allow the first coat to dry to touch before continuing.


Between 125 and 200 sq. feet per gallon depending on porosity surface. In some instances where high porosity exists, additional coats may be needed to achieve uniform sheen and seal.

Shelf Life:

Five years. Store in cool, dry place away from source of ignition. Close and re-seal lid after use. See MSDS for additional storages and health information.

Surface Maintenance:

Clean with mild detergent or degreaser. For acid wash, a solution of ten parts water to one part acid should be used. Clean any spills or potential stains immediately. Avoid cleaning the surface with a solvent.

Easy Step Xylene Based Application:


Remove Dirt, oil, grease with general purpose cleaner and degreaser. Wet surface and scrub in cleansing solution using hot water and a hard bristled brush or broom. Allow solution to set 10 – 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


To open the pores of the surface for maximum sealer penetration, acid to 3 parts water. Use plastic sprinkler can and scrub with broom. Rinse the surface and LET DRY COMPLETELY UNINTERUPTED FOR 24 HOURS before sealing.


Before applying first coat make certain surfaces is completely dry. Apply evenly with roller or airless sprayer. Wait until dry before applying second coat.


Apply evenly and use full strength PAVER SEALER. In some cases due to surface porosity, additional coats may be required. Tack free in one hour. FOOT TRAFFIC IN 24 HOURS.
Note: Applying two coats is at the discretion of the installer. If using only one coat, apply paver sealer generously.


Because we have no control over methods of applications or conditions of use, PAVER SEALER is warranted only to be made of standard commercial grade material that has met and exceeded our expectations. Paver Supply Warehouse would be happy to replace product that is proven to be defective. User shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and assume all risk and liability in connection therein.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and always wear protective clothing when handling PAVER SEALER. This is a combustible product. Keep away from heat or open flame. Use with adequate ventilation.